Imani Mosley

bassoonist | musicologist | digital humanist

Imani Mosley is a musicologist with a PhD from Duke University. After receiving two Masters degrees from Peabody (Bassoon Performance/Musicology), she began PhD work at Columbia where she received a Master of Arts in Musicology before attending Duke. Her dissertation is titled "'The queer things he said': British Identity, Social History, and Press Reception of Benjamin Britten's Postwar Operas." In addition to her work on Britten, she also specializes in contemporary opera, feminist and queer theory, masculinities studies, reception history, and British and American music from 1890 to 1945. She was the inaugural Harsha Murthy Fellow in Digital Scholarship (Duke University Libraries) where she created and curated projects and events in the digital humanities and was the Digital Humanities Coordinator for the Bass Connections project America’s Sacred Spaces. She has presented papers throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.


Research Interests: Benjamin Britten, English Musical Renaissance, Gender Studies, Masculinities Studies, Social History, Reception Theory/History, Twentieth-century Music, American music, Contemporary Opera, Sound Studies, Digital Humanities, Voice (Music), Lateness, Queer Theory, Media Studies, Contemporary British History

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